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Digital label printing is all about getting personal

Digital label printing gives your customers the chance to get up close and personal with their labels. How many know, or appreciate, what this means to their label-creating potential?


Make customer service an outgoing, as well as incoming, process

There’s a strong tendency to focus on incoming inquiries, questions, and concerns as the sum and substance of customer service efforts. If you’re not already, it’s time to reach out as well.


Label Design Strategy - Strong sales may not reflect label design shortcomings

Product demand is strong. That established look and feel seems to be working. So, why should customers turn their label design strategy on its ear?


Top 4 customer service tips to promote satisfaction

Customer service surveys, used to get valuable feedback through objective data collection, are being done to death. Managers need to find a way to step out of the box while still getting the data and insight they need to provide the best possible customer service experience for their loyal customers.


Take labels, educational information out for a test drive

Auto dealers, repair shops, automotive supply stores, trucking companies…you name it in the automotive world, and they probably need a bunch of labels and related products. Two questions for you and your salespeople: 1) How many of your present automotive customers are using everything you offer? 2) How many prospects are ripe for picking?


Get your customers thinking about form vs. function

Distinctive labels showcasing dramatic design get attention and can help separate one product from the herd. At the same time, a pretty powerful label design may create problems with what the label is designed to accomplish.


Find an auto motive for car dealers to connect with you

From window clings in the showroom to durable decals and door hang tags, car dealers offer a cornucopia of label product opportunities. This applies to large chains and small independent sellers alike. If you don’t already own the car dealer label business in your market, it’s time to go car dealer shopping.